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Yorkshire born Emma Rothera studied Graphic Design Communication at Leeds Metropolitan University and graduated with a BA First Class Honours.

Emma Spent the early part of her career working for Design and Advertising Agencies as a graphic designer, predominantly working on blue chip accounts. This gave Emma the ability and confidence to progress naturally and successfully into a photographic career. Whilst still living in the City, Emma had a busy working schedule which compromised photoshoot's involving fashion, ballet and tourism. After falling in love with light and landscape she made the imperative decision to concentrate on her landscape photography full time.

"I became so transfixed by natural light and landscape that I couldn't stop taking pictures. Landscape photography quite literally rocked my world, it became my absolute passion and gradually took over from graphics and other areas of photography. I felt to be really good at what you do, you need to be really focussed and not spread yourself too thin. The euphoria I feel as person when the lights just perfect and I am out in the landscape taking pictures is the ultimate for me, I have never experienced anything like it. Landscape photography has become my destiny."

Emma has also regularly lectured and given workshops at various further and higher education colleges throughout her career, believing that it's important to give something back, hopefully helping other creatives to benefit from her experience.


"I have been extremely fortunate throughout my career to have been taught, surrounded by and have had the benefit of working alongside some very talented people. It gave me the confidence to successfully progress and has enhanced who I have become creatively. I believe it is of greatest importance to give something back, enabling others to benefit from your experience. You can't be so indulgent to say, I'm just a photographer and not be willing to give something back. Teaching, is an incredibly important part of my career and that is why I am now running photographic workshops on the awe inspiring Holy Island of Lindisfarne. I have designed them for anyone who is interesting in developing their photography skills by learning out in the field alongside a professional landscape photographer. I believe the only way to truly understand light is to be out in it, studying it and taking pictures. Anyone is welcome including beginners."

In 2007, Emma used her branding experience to form a business that would work as an umbrella brand to help market herself and her work called your beautiful photography. Her sub brands include your beautiful landscapes, your beautiful workshops, your beautiful design and your beautiful gallery. your beautiful gallery is a section of her business devoted to producing prints, greetings cards and stock photography. Emma used the benefit of her graphic design background and designed her website herself, creating a gallery that was picture led within a clean and simple design structure. Her website has won recognition for one of 35 best designed photography websites in the world alongside Rankin and the BBC. She also designs all her own cards and literature.

In 2009, Emma made a life changing decision to move North enabling herself to have a closer relationship with the landscape. After falling in love, she relocated to Holy Island in Northumberland. Holy Island otherwise known as Lindisfarne is a small tidal Island, steeped in History, set just off the North East Coast, 11 miles from Berwick-Upon-Tweed and the Scottish Border.

"Holy Island is a true theatre of light, a place of spiritual quality of serenity and calm. I now live right in the heart of some of the United Kingdoms greatest landscapes. I have the freedom to roam and take pictures. I am continuously studying the light. Living in the lanscape has been a vital step in my progression as a landscape photographer, allowing me to continuously push my creative boundaries on a daily basis."


Emma feels, after working in the Creative Industry for a decade and a half that this is still only the beginning of her creative journey. For her, a whole new world has opened up since moving to Holy Island four years ago. Emma says "I have barely even touched on what I would like to achieve." Emma's work can be seen in various local establishments on Holy Island and the Northumberland Coast. You can find and purchase her work on postcards, greeting cards, calendars, prints and canvas. Her work can also be found in Alamy and The Northumberland Tourist Boards Photo Libraries. She has written for magazines including the Northumbrian where she ran a feature for a year 'Creative Landscape Photographer's Tips'. Her work has also been featured in Canon EOS magzine. Emma was recently part of ITV's Rory Bremners Great British Views the Lindisfarne episode talking about her photography and life changing move to the Island. Emma is also available for private commissions, both personal and corporate and for book proposals and publications both in the UK and Internationally as well as running photographic workshops based on Holy Island.

Emma says "Shooting landscape I have realised is a lifetime's work. Light constantly changes, seasons vary. The magic of the sky working in conjunction with the land is simply inspirational. I would like to add I am lucky to live in such a beautiful place where the sky goes on forever but luck didn't bring me here, passion did."

"In the next few years I will be exploring the Northumberland coast and Scotland in more depth as well as continuing with my many other projects. These are exciting times for me, photography is my passion and my life, I live and breathe it and couldn't go a day without it. I am excited to see where my work will take me. I am constantly pushing my creative boundaries, for me, it has been and I hope will continue to be, A journey like no other."

If you would like to contact Emma to enquire about her availability for commissions, purchase any of her work or sponsor Emma please contact: