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The Holy Island of Lindisfarne landscape photographic workshops & tours with Emma Rothera

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne landscape photographic workshops & tours with Emma Rothera…

Improve your photography skills by joining professional landscape photographer Emma Rothera on a coastal landscape workshop or tour, based on the magnificent Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne offers a diversity of landscape, geology & coastline, combined with it’s unique tranquility it offers the perfect location to learn on this photographer’s paradise. Emma offers both group and 1-2-1 photography workshops and tours.

If you are interested in a 1-2-1 or group session which operate all year round. Book now and learn in the landscape that inspires Emma.

What does a group and 1-2-1 landscape photographic workshop involve?

A landscape photographic workshop provides hands on tuition based in the awe inspiring landscape of Holy Island. Giving you a chance to improve or learn new skills and add a new creative and technical dimension to your photography. Also covered are camera settings for different situations and correct exposure so you can successfully and confidently move away from shooting in auto, then the real creativity can begin. You will be provided with the very best opportunity to learn the mechanics of digital photography and also be taught how to make the best use of composition & light. You will also get the opportunity to implement techniques you have been taught under expert guidance.


What does a group and 1-2-1 landscape photographic tour involve?

A Holy Island landscape photographic tour with your camera around Holy island’s picturesque views and iconic landmarks. Emma will highlight some fantastic photo opportunities/compositions and offer support and tuition to help you get some amazing photographs throughout the course of the tour.


What is the group size?

Small, friendly and informal group sizes, upto a maximum of 10 people

What equipment will I need?

Please bring along all necessary equipment for a photographic workshop/tour. A camera, tripod, lenses, any filters you may have, fully charged battery (A spare if you have one), spare SD cards.


Water proof, warm clothing and suitable outdoor footwear will be needed for landscape photographic workshops and tours. You are also welcome to bring along warm or cold drink and a snack.

What level do I need to be?

Any level, from beginners to intermediates or aspiring professionals.

Is there a level of fitness required?

A moderate level of fitness is required for photographic workshops. Transport is also included to further vista points. Transport is not included on photographic tours these will include longer walks on the island.

What’s included?

Transport if required to further destinations on photographic workshops. Tuition with Emma Rothera.

What’s excluded?


lunch is also excluded on full day photographic workshops and tours. We do however take an hour lunch or tea break where you can eat, rest and re-fuel your energy at the friendly local shops, cafes, pubs or hotels situated on the island.





Why choose Emma for a photographic workshop on Holy Island?

Emma is a professional landscape photographer who has been capturing breath taking landscape images of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne for over a decade, she also lives on the island. She has vast knowledge of the light, composition, geology and coastline on Holy Island.

Emma is also a HM Coastguard Rescue Officer with Holy Island Coastguard so fully understands the tidal system on the island. She has a vast array of local knowledge and uses this to plan her photographic workshops/tours meticulously.

Emma is a fully qualified teacher in both further and higher education. She has worked for further and higher education establishments during her career including Newcastle University for which she was part of the Northumberland Exchanges program for a year. She has also had experience teaching for Dewsbury and Batley Art College, Huddersfield University & College and Craven College. She has also run her own photographic and post production courses in various colleges & extended learning programs on photography as well as running her own photographic workshops.


How do I book a group photographic workshop or tour?

Please contact Emma on the email address provided. There will be discounted rates applied for group bookings of three or more people. If you are interested in booking a place please click on the link below for further information, availability and cost at:





1-2-1 photographic workshops…

Please view my online brochure on this website to see a comprehensive guide for my 1-2-1 photographic workshops. If you would like a brochure emailing please contact Emma on the email link below.

The 1-2-1 workshops take place on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne providing the opportunity for some of the best light & landscape photography in the UK. You will also get a chance to see and photograph some of Holy Island’s iconic landmarks including Lindisfarne Castle, The Pilgrims Way, St Cuthbert’s Island, the Harbour and Priory ruins depending on which workshop you choose to suit your individual learning needs.

Emma is also happy to tailor a 1-2-1 photographic workshop to suit your individual needs, please ask when contacting Emma.

How do I book a Group or 1-2-1 photographic workshop or tour?

The 1-2-1 workshops & tours run throughout all seasons, weekends & week days. For further information, cost and availability, please contact Emma on 07940 582884 or email:










Gift vouchers…

Gift vouchers for 1-2-1 or group photographic workshops are a very popular idea for a gift for a loved one, work colleague/s, family & friends. Gift vouchers come displayed in one of Emma’s A5 landscape greeting cards from her range. “A journey of light” complete with a crisp white envelope and plastic sleeve. Emma can also make photographic workshop advanced bookings for gifts. To order a gift voucher or book a photographic workshop/tour as a gift. please contact:











Holy Island is a tidal island?

Emma has meticulously planned the group photographic workshop and tours to suit tide timings on the island so it is not imperative that you need to stay on the island over night unless stated when booking. If you do however wish to make a break of it and stay Emma can offer information in regard of this as we have some wonderful Pubs, Self Catering Cottages, B&B’s and Hotels on the island.

It is however the responsibility of the individual to check tide times when visiting Holy Island for a photographic workshop/tour. Emma is available to answer any questions or offer guidance in relation to the tides but cannot be held responsible if tide timings have not been properly checked.

Images and text @Emma Rothera. Neither images or text may be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in anyway without prior permission.

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